City of Paris

AREP embarks upon the schoolyard transition in Paris

The programme of this initiative is part of the resilience strategy of the City of Paris, which comprises the transformation of schoolyards into “oases”, true urban “cool islands”.

Within this context, AREP is working with the City of Paris to transform the schoolyards of the 11th arrondissement through the following actions:

  • Unseal the soil of and massively planting the schoolyards to mitigate the heat island effect
  • Reconnecting children living in the city with nature through the senses (touch, taste, smell, etc.)
  • Diversify uses and age groups through active games, relaxing games, vegetable gardens, reading, outdoor classes, etc.
  • Foster gender-neutral uses: make room for both girls and boys in the schoolyards
  • Consider schoolyards as a learning resource for awakening, experimenting and developing learning.

Oasis schoolyards

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