We are at a watershed moment in history. Our era represents a tipping point for what is called the Anthropocene. Ecological emergency is part of our reality; awareness of this lies at the heart of AREP’s mission. We face enormous challenges: global warming, the collapse of biodiversity, the scarcity of non-renewable resources. AREP is the leading architectural practice in France..

For more than 20 years, we have taken on the responsibility for conceiving projects and providing consulting services and helping our clients through the environmental transition. We are a global actor in architecture, urban planning, and design and as such, our know-how and projects are at the interface between construction and mobility, two sectors that account for more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions. We are a multidisciplinary and international architectural practice. A subsidiary of SNCF Gares & Connexions, AREP is rooted in the railway industry. 

We are proud of this unique legacy. Our global team comprises 1,000 professionals of 30 nationalities whose unique blend of specialties embodies our multidisciplinary culture: architecture, urban planning, design, engineering, programming, consulting services and project management.  We operate both in France and internationally, especially in Europe and Asia, in China and Vietnam where we are firmly established. 

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With more than 500 projects underway in 2020, we pride ourselves in spreading our expertise globally, by providing, at all scales and stages of projects, practical solutions designed to respond to the ecological emergency.  We have joined forces to create exemplary projects, which meet the real needs of our clients, of the project’s current and future end users, as well as of its surrounding environment. Public interest is one of AREP’s founding values. People and social aspects lie at the heart of our creative process. Our teams pay close attention to uses and to ensuring that the project is perfectly integrated into its historical context and cultural and social environment. 

We are actively involved in advocacy. To address climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis, we help fuel the public debate and transform practices. Curiosity is our driving force, and we relentlessly question our ways of doing things. With humility, we are learning from actors who experiment with alternative modes and who build bridges between those traditionally involved in the project production process. Here at AREP, we consider ourselves as catalysts, as an incubator for this ecosystem, a laboratory of interactions with all these actors, and particularly with small enterprises at the forefront of ecological and social issues.  

We are active in (re)building a resilient and sustainable world, even if this sometimes involves radical proposals. This revolution extends far beyond architecture alone. It concerns landscape as much as design, engineering as well as programming, project management and consultancy for project owners.

To this end, we have developed a unique approach: “EMC2B”. We question, scrutinize and manage our operations through this prism and combine the most advanced modelling methods and common-sense approaches in order to provide simple and frugal solutions that address the following five challenges: energy, materials, carbon, climate and biodiversity. 
Finally, we foster exploration: Research and innovation are at the core of our corporate DNA. We reject ready-made ideas of sustainability. We prefer the creativity brought about by each situation in order to promote elegant and sober, efficient and long-lasting solutions. We are heritage experts and as such, we prefer to enhance and transform what is already there through low-tech solutions. Our scientific and technical background enables us to conceive and operate in infrastructural and industrial projects. 

Every day, our 1,000 employees provide practical solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and aimed at meeting the challenges of the ecological emergency. 

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